DMA Disciplines

animation3D Animation

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in digital 3-dimensional modeling & animation for use in video, CD-ROM or DVD presentations, broadcast graphics, video game design, kiosks, print (still views), and the Web. Emphasis is placed on perceptions form, shape, volume, weight, texture, surface mapping, and lighting. Basic animation and motion graphic composition targeted for video and internet ready applications is also part of this popular program. Students garner highly marketable skills and proficiencies to take them to the next level of professional development, whether that’s transferring to a four-year art school or entering the job market. Numerous graduates of the program have launched their careers with some of the most influential animation studios in the nation.

graphic design programGraphic Design Technology

This program prepares students for a career as a graphic designer. Graphic designers are specialists in the field of visual communication, trained to communicate, inform, instruct or sell. Students gain skills in the principles of graphic design, publication design, interface and mobile design working on a variety of projects that focus on theory, concept development, typography and production techniques that culminates in the production of a portfolio. Creative and artistic ability is required for careers in graphic design, as well as originality and the capacity for experimentation in visual problem-solving. Students also need the ability to master software skills as they relate to each medium.


This program provides a comprehensive foundation in digital and film based photography. Through a combination of required basic courses and specialized elective courses, the student customizes the program to his or her particular interest in the photographic industry. Students have opportunities to work with a variety of advanced photographic equipment including digital cameras, view cameras, traditional darkroom, and various types of studio and location lighting systems. Graduating students produce professional portfolios and self-promotional materials to find employment in a variety of areas such as photographic assisting, photojournalism, fine art, freelance, portrait and wedding photography. Students also complete the program to use photography as a means of personal expression, and as preparation for transferring to four-year baccalaureate programs.

videoDigital Video

This program provides students with specialized training to develop proficiency in advanced and professional video production. Emphasis is placed on integrating content creation with Web skills. While in the program students have brought home several prestigious awards recognizing the excellence in their work. When the 2017 College/University Student Production Awards of Michigan were announced on 29 April, 11 projects were entered into various categories by WCC’s video production students, and four of them won first place in their respective categories. This is not unusual, as students that submit work and attend awards ceremonies take home trophies every year!

webWeb Design & Development

This is a comprehensive, rigorous program for students interested in a career in the Web development industry. Coursework prepares students for employment in various web roles, with options to specialize in Web Design or Web Development. Completion of a Web Design and Development Certificate and a related advanced certificate is required to complete the Associate Degree.