3D Animation Faculty

Randy Van Wagnen, Professional 3D Animation Faculty
Randy Van Wagnen has been a faculty member in the Animation Department since 2007. Previously, he has worked at companies as varied as the Golf Channel, Tiburon Studios, and Dreamwake, and has been a freelance animator since 1995. He holds degrees from both Michigan State University and Full Sail University. His passions include animation, history, and traditional modeling.
eMail: rvanwagnen@wccnet.edu
Kevin Bindschadler, Professional 3D Animation Faculty
Kevin joined DMA full-time in fall 2017, after being a part-time faculty member in the Animation Department since 2010. In addition to his passion for teaching, his freelance career included being an Automotive Visualization Specialist for the Ford Motor Company, CGI Artisan for Dodge, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Toyota, and other nationally and internationally recognized clients. He holds a BA Degree in English from the University of Michigan and BFA Degree in Animation & Digital Media from the College for Creative Studies.