Today was our first full day in London and we went for a walking tour of Westminster where all the touristy stuff is when you think of London. I had never realized that so many attractions were so close together; standing in one spot and just turning around you can see The London Eye (that big Ferris wheel), a statue of Boudicca, Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. Walk just a few feet and there is Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey. Truly amazing. 

Westminster Abbey

We took a short stroll through a park to get to Buckingham Palace and were surprised to see the gates open and tons of people just standing around waiting for something to happen. We went a little ways down The Mall and learned they were doing a full dress rehearsal for the Trooping the Colours parade later this month. It was a special treat to get to watch that!

Buckingham Palace

Trooping of the Colours Practice Parade


The next and final stop on our tour was Trafalgar Square.