Welcome to the WCC Math Department

The Math Department has experienced and friendly faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping WCC students become successful. The department offers a variety of math courses to satisfy the many objectives of its students.


Placement in Math Classes:

The math level of entering students is assessed by their ACT or SAT scores, or by taking COMPASS in the Testing Center. Find out more about preparing for and taking COMPASS for the best results.

Class Sequence

*These classes will not advance you to the next academic level
+ Effective Winter 2015


MTH 034 Foundations of Numeracy


MTH 067 Foundations of Mathematics


MTH 094 Pathways to Math Literacy
MTH 097 Foundations of Alegebra


MTH 125 Everyday College Math*+
MTH 148 Functional Math for Elementary Teachers*
MTH 160 Basic Statistics*
Students in this section will do all of their statistical computations using the free R language/system on their own laptop or notebook computer (not a tablet or phone). This means that students registering for this section must have their own computer, one they will bring to class every meeting. Student computers must be able to operate on battery power for at least two hours. If there are any questions about the use of particular computers, contact the instructor via email.

MTH 167 Math Applications for Health Science*
MTH 169 Intermediate Algebra


MTH 149 Functional Math for Elementary Teachers II*
MTH 176 College Algebra
MTH 181 Mathematical Analysis I*


MTH 178 General Trigonometry*
MTH 180 Precalculus


MTH 191 Calculus I

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Math Expiration Policy:

Math levels 1-3 expire to 0 one year after completion of most recent math course. Math Levels 4-7 do not expire.
ACT math scores expire two years after date of completion.

Check mywcc for your expiration date.