Study Skills Apps

The following resources are recommended to help students who are learning on the go. Resources include iOS apps (for iPhones and iPads), Android apps, and various other technological solutions for students who want or need alternative access points to textbooks, educational tools, and learning environments.

Apps related to WCC student life

  • Blackboard Mobile Learn (Android, iOS) – Helps connecting with your classwork when you’re out and about; a substitute for the full Blackboard web-environment, which isn’t accessible on mobile devices.

Time management: Effective ways to manage tasks.

Note Taking: New ways to take and organize notes and lectures.

Study and Test Skills:

  • Quizlet (free; Android, iOS) – Simple tools that allow you to study anything for free.
  • StudyBlue (free; Android, iOS) – Digital tools and study material to help you get better grades, save time, and stress less.

Test Anxiety/relaxation: Use these apps before tests to relieve stress and rest better.

Career Exploration: Learn about characteristics of different careers.

Accessibility Apps – 

GPS for persons who are blind:

  • Blind Square (iOS): Blind Square is a GPS app designed specifically for persons who are blind.

Mind Mapping:

Object Identification:

  • TapTapSee (free; Android, iOS) – Photograph an object and the app identifies the object with a text description.

Scanning with Mobile Devices:

  • ABBYY TextGrabber (Android, iOS): Photograph printed materials and the app’s OCR (optical character recognition) technology transforms images with text into regular text. The text can be read using VoiceOver, copied into a reading app, or translated to other languages.

Speech Recognition Apps:

  • Dragon Dictation (free; iOS): Transcribes speech into text, which can then be copied to email, a word processor, or other apps.

Text Reading Apps:

  • Natural Reader (free; AndroidiOS): Reads text out loud from DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, and accessible PDF files.
  • ezPDF Reader (Android, iOS): Reads accessible PDF files while maintaining the page layout, and allows you to annotate PDF files with various tools.
  • Kurzweil 3000 (free for current WCC Students): Reads text aloud and allows you to annotate files with various tools. Please contact Learning Support Services to set up an account.

The UM Kellogg Eye Center created a list of iOS apps for students with low vision requirements. The list includes audiobook apps, speech to text dictators, digital zooming programs, and talking calculators among many others.

Student sitting outside of WCC with notebook.