Foreign Languages Resources

The following resources are directed for students of foreign languages at Washtenaw Community College. Topics include grammar, pronunciation, translation dictionaries, foreign language thesauri, and other resources to help you study.

Best Language Websites is a foreign language website index created by Jim Becker, Professor Emeritus from University of Northern Iowa, dedicated to providing links to the best sites related to learning foreign languages.

Collins German Dictionary has been recommended by one of our tutors as the most accurate and simple German tools on the web. It includes several featured extras such as audio files for listed entries and specified context for word usage, but it functions primarily as a simple English to German dictionary; it is very straightforward in design and use, and is maintained by a respected publisher (HarperCollins).

Larousse is a comprehensive online two-way dictionary, pronunciation guide, and encyclopedia for several foreign languages. The coverage of French-English is the highest quality, but they continue to expand in German, Italian, and Spanish as well. This site also includes an iPhone app and has some basic bi-lingual news coverage.

SpanishDict provides Spanish language learners an online two-way dictionary that includes audio pronunciations, basic grammar skills and even articles on the integration of culture into your foreign language study plan. This resource also functions as a useful study aid; SpanishDict includes customizable flashcards to encourage long-term memorization.