English Resources

The following resources are directed for students of English at Washtenaw Community College. Topics include essay writing skills, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and many others.

We are very privileged at WCC to have an extensively developed Writing Center with a devoted and expert staff. We’d like to first direct your attention to their services before you continue your research outside of the college. The handouts they provide are clear and exhaustive.

Citation Machine is a revised version of “Slate Citation Machine” in which a user can add relevant citation info such as author name, book title, etc., and the page will help to format the bibliography according to either MLA or APA style. If you’re getting stuck on references in a research essay try it out!

e-Exercises from CENGAGE Learning are self-quizzes that give you the opportunity to increase your grammar and writing skills.

KnightCite Citation Service is similar to Citation Machine, in which the user can input relevant citation information which the website helps to format it in either APA, MLA, or Chicago style. This site is an extension of Calvin College.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (or OWL) provides writing resources for writers of any level. This is one of the most well respected academic sources of information for writing or the study of English. They include APA and MLA style sheets, bibliography instruction, and helpful hints.

“Writing in College”, developed by the University of Chicago Writing Program, is a short guide to college writing that is intended to help first and second year students write effective papers.