Cool Tool of the Month – March 2014

LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

Taking readable and retainable notes is essential to performing well academically.  Even the best notetakers can have difficulty tying what’s written in their notes to what they’ve retained, while sitting in class.  The LiveScribe Echo Smartpen makes it just a little easier to tie everything together.  The pen uses an infrared sensor and special paper to determine what’s written on a particular page in a notebook.  Using its internal microphone and speaker, a student can use the pen to point to any section in his or her notes, and hear what the instructor was speaking about when the particular section of notes were written.  This can be extremely useful for any student looking to go back and review his or her notes. 


If a student chooses, he or she can even upload their notes to any PC or Mac using the free Livescribe Desktop application.  Pencasts can be saved and archived as PDF files with the audio included.  All one has to do is click anywhere in the PDF to hear what was spoken when that particular note was taken.


The pens are available for purchase ($119.95) at  They are also available in the WCC Bookstore.  As an accommodation for students with disabilities, we have been able to loan out a limited supply of the pens.  Many students found the pen so useful that they then purchased one.  For students registered with a disability in LSS, demonstrations can be arranged. Just contact us at 973-3342 or stop in LA 104.         

Studying a foreign language at WCC?

Have a look at our new foreign languages resource page found here. It’s a brand new page, but it will continue to the grow in the coming weeks. A special thanks to Thomas Cudney for researching and helping to prepare the resources! For further help with foreign languages come visit us in LA104 for one-on-one tutoring sessions.