Grounds Maintenance

We Make WCC Beautiful

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Grounds Maintenance is responsible for ensuring that walkways and parking lots are safely maintained, the outdoor vegetation is attractive and that all signs are well-lit.

Basically if it pertains to anything outside it falls under our responsibility. Washtenaw Community College’s main campus is on 295 acres of property.

• Maintains approximately 6 miles of 1concrete walkway
• Mow and maintain 60 plus acres of lawn
• Cares for over 50,000 plus bulbs, annuals 1and perennial plants
• Prune, shape, and maintain hundreds of a 1variety of trees and shrubs
• Maintain one parking structure and eleven 1parking lots with capacity of 4,302
• Oversee the maintainenance and repair of 75 motorized vehicles
• Remove snow from walkways, parking lots and road ways
• Compact Trash and remove litter.
• Maintain irrigation systems
• Replace all exterior lamps and ballast
• Maintain the athletic complex sports fields
• Road signage
• Outdoor events set-up and requests
• Hang exterior banners
• Bicycle rack maintenance, installs and repairs
• Maintain all exterior building back-up power generators
• Repair, maintain, and perform flow testing on all fire hydrants
• Exterior seating-benches, umbrella tables and walkways
• Green roof/vegetation bed upkeep

Questions concerning grounds maintenance service can be directed to:

Richard Westcott
Superintedent, Grounds Engineering & Fleet Maintenance
Phone: 734-677-5303
Fax: 734-677-5475