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Terry Abrams, Professional Photography Faculty
I have been fascinated by photography ever since I saw my father use an early Polaroid camera that produced an instant image. The magic of the photographic process continues to amaze me. I graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography. Upon graduation I was hired by an American College to develop and teach photography courses and programs on US Military bases in Europe. For thirteen years I lived and taught in England, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany, and I traveled throughout the European continent. This experience of traveling, photographing and living in different cultural, political and economic systems has had a profound effect on how I view life. While in Europe, I earned an EdM in Educational Leadership from Boston University in Heidelberg, Germany. In addition to teaching traditional art and photography courses, I also developed and taught travel photography workshops, ‘hike and photograph’ and ‘ski and photograph’ workshops. Also I taught German, math, English, GED and reading courses. I believe that photography has almost unlimited applications, and that the person learning photography can find an application that meets their need, whether it is to begin a career as a commercial photographer or artist, or just to make better family photographs. With this in mind, I try to help students understand the nature of their vision and teach them how to use the latest technology to accomplish it. Most of my recent photography is large and medium format, black and white. I exhibit my work in galleries, both nationally and locally. I like to photograph outdoors, and the landscape is a favorite subject of mine. I have been pioneering the use of digital imaging in creating high quality black and white prints made from desktop printers.
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Ingrid Ankerson, Professional Graphic Design Faculty & DMA Dept. Co-Chair
As a native of a Wisconsin farming community abundant with open horizons, Ingrid’s world view developed with a strong sense of optimism and rock solid work ethics. With a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and a Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts, Ingrid has worked as a print and web designer, public relations associate, writer, editor, and teacher. In 2007, she established Ankerson Communications, a design and communication business. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Ingrid specializes in professional graphic design and creative communication solutions to advance art and education, community-based organizations, and positive social change. As a typography enthusiast that has a penchant for color, layout and graphic design, she is also department co-chair of the Digital Media Arts Department.
photographer holding camera lense
Jennifer Baker, Professional Photography Faculty
I have been teaching photography here at W.C.C. since 1990, full time since 1995. I consider myself lucky to be in a position where I can say I truly love my job. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with students and I am always learning from them. It is an environment that has so much to offer. My interest in photography began when I was in high school. I received my first degree from the very program in which I now teach. Upon completion of my Associates degree in Photographic Technology I spent a year at the Maine Photographic Workshops where I continued my photographic studies. It was in Maine that I decided to pursue teaching as a career. I returned to Michigan to complete a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan with a concentration in English. I graduated in 1988 and went straight to graduate school at Rhode Island School of Design where I received my Masters of Fine Arts in Photography in 1990. In addition to teaching I continue my work as a artist. My photographic work is an essential part of my personal growth as an educator and as an individual. Recent endeavors have been exclusively in the digital realm from the point of capture to the final print. I am learning to think differently about photography, what it is, and what it has to offer.
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Kevin Bindschadler, Professional 3D Animation Faculty
Kevin was recently brought on board as a full-time faculty member in fall 2017, and has been a part-time faculty member in the Animation Department since 2010. In addition to his passion for teaching, his freelance career included being an Automotive Visualization Specialist for the Ford Motor Company, CGI Artisan for Dodge, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Toyota, and other nationally and internationally recognized clients. He holds a BA Degree in English from the University of Michigan and BFA Degree in Animation & Digital Media from the College for Creative Studies.
eMail: kbindschadler@wccnet.edu
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Kelley Gottschang, Professional Web Design & Development Faculty
Kelley has been teaching as full time faculty at Washtenaw Community College since 2004, and her valuable skill set bridges the Web Design & Development and Graphic Design disciplines. She teaches interface, interaction and graphic design. Kelley also specializes in curriculum and program development at WCC where she is Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Kelley holds a Masters Degree in Graphic Design and has been a practicing designer for over 25 years.
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Dan Kier, Professional Video Faculty
Dan is an award-winning video producer and director. He has also been a lecturer and media consultant with the University of Michigan since 1987. He directed and/or produced videos for Ford Motor Company, U-M’s Schools of Dentistry, Music and Business, the Peace Corp and many more. Dan received his B.A. in Telecommunications from Michigan State University and his M.A. in Communications from Eastern Michigan University.
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Scott Shaper, Professional Web Design & Development Faculty
Prior to coming to WCC Scott Shaper served as the sole web developer for Eastern Michigan University’s Web Communications and New Media department. His primary role was web application development. Scott has a Masters Degree from Boston University in Web Application Development and a BS from Eastern Michigan University in Technical Communications with a minor in Computer Information Systems.
eMail: sshaper@wccnet.edu
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Randy Van Wagnen, Professional 3D Animation Faculty
Randy Van Wagnen has been a faculty member in the Animation Department since 2007. Previously, he has worked at companies as varied as the Golf Channel, Tiburon Studios, and Dreamwake, and has been a freelance animator since 1995. He holds degrees from both Michigan State University and Full Sail University. His passions include animation, history, and traditional modeling.
eMail: rvanwagnen@wccnet.edu
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Don Werthmann, Professional Photography Faculty & DMA Co-Chair
Don is a teacher and digital photographic artist bringing over thirty years of imaging experience to creating works that are infused with curiosity and the lyricism of everyday life. Since January 2000, he has taught studio and location lighting, portraiture, color theory, digital photo imaging, color printmaking, and portfolio development at WCC. As a Visiting Scholar at The Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone, Japan, Don offered college students an immersion experience to study the creative process and photographic life abroad in 2006, 2008, & 2010. In July 2018 he is offering a study abroad course to Spain through Global Education Oregon. He holds M.A. and B.F.A. degrees in digital and traditional photographic imaging, respectively, from Wayne State University in Detroit. Immediately after obtaining his undergraduate degree, he worked as a freelance photographic assistant in several automotive studios in the Detroit area. In the 1990′s Don worked over eight years at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His employment there was inclusive of Work/Study, Course Assistant, and Instructor. In this environment he discovered teaching to be his calling, and as Operations Manager of the school for six years, found the organizational strategies of the commercial world to be invaluable instruments in photographic education as as department co-chair of the Digital Media Arts Department.
eMail: donw@wccnet.edu
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Jason Withrow, Professional Web Design & Development Faculty
Jason’s background includes over 18 years of experience in the web industry, in roles such as Information Architect and Business Systems Analyst. He actively freelances as a web developer and usability specialist. His educational background includes two Masters degrees, one in Psychology from the University of Akron and the other in Information from the University of Michigan’s School of Information.
Website: http://courses.wccnet.edu/~jwithrow
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Matt Zacharias, Professional Video Faculty
Matt has been full time video faculty since 2006, and is well renown as a filmmaker who also works as an appropriation artist. By using existing imagery and reinterpreting it into new contexts, Matt’s work questions our assumptions and conditionings derived from our specific environments and cultural references. The construction of his works intentionally work with narrative responses to the appropriated imagery, and in turn, provoke associates with his own stories-heard, lived or created. The works are constructed from paint, silk screens, video, found objects, or whatever material required to convey the new narrative. Matt invites viewers to question their own stories of the world and themselves, which is both subtle and highly emotional. Matt received a Liberal Arts degree in Film from the University of Michigan. After producing a few short films, his interest in video projects migrated to photography, print and design. In 1996, he joined the art collective AWOL and co-produced multimedia works that premiered at art galleries around the country.