open-edOpen Education Resources

Any resources available at little or no cost that can be used for teaching, learning or research … such materials are generally released under a Creative Commons or similar license that supports open or nearly open use of the content – Educause.



Lumen Learning. (2017). Adopting open education resources in the classroom. Retrieved from

This online course provides faculty with an introduction to the laws that influence the use, re-use, and distribution of content they may want to use in a course. Activities include finding openly licensed content for use in a class and publishing openly licensed works created by faculty. At the end of the course, students will have openly licensed content that will be ready for use in a course.

Schaffhauser, D. (2015, October 28). Affordable learning at scale with OER. Campus Technology. Retrieved from

California State University is encouraging system-wide adoption of OER with the hope of cutting the cost of course materials in half. This article discusses the major factors involved in making a large-scale OER movement successful. Useful links at the end of the article include a Tidewater Community College open course for faculty on how to find, adopt, and use OER.

Achieving the Dream. (2017, June 22). After one year, largest initiative to promote the use of open educational resources for degree completion finds robust course development, strong faculty support, and broad-based leadership for OER use. Retrieved from

The study, Launching OER Degree Pathways, sponsored by Achieving the Dream (ATD), indicates that faculty at colleges participating in ATD’s OER Degree Initiative are changing their teaching and that students are at least as or more engaged using OER courses than students in non-OER courses.