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Any resources available at little or no cost that can be used for teaching, learning or research … such materials are generally released under a Creative Commons or similar license that supports open or nearly open use of the content – Educause.



Florida Virtual Campus. (2016, October 7). 2016 student textbook and course materials survey. Retrieved from

In 2016, more than 22,000 students from all of Florida’s public colleges and universities voluntarily participated in the anonymous online survey. This report sheds light on the impact that high textbook costs are having on college affordability, student actions to address cost, as well as college success and completion.

Fischer, L et al. (2015, December). A multi-institutional study of the impact of open textbook adoption on the learning outcomes of post-secondary students. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 27(3) 159-172. Retrieved from

How does the use of OER textbooks affect student outcomes? This study investigates whether or not the adoption of OER textbooks in a course can predict student success, course completion, and enrollment in further semesters.