Classroom BiasesClassroom Biases

A bias is a type of prejudice against a person, event, situation, or group … Educational settings have several factors that naturally lend themselves to opportunities for bias – intentional or not … gender, culture, economics, and ethnicity —



Gardner, L. (2016, March 4). What’s the best way to lead when racism shows up on campus? The Chronicle of Higher Education, 62(25), A16. Retrieved from Academic OneFile Database.

After a racist incident on the Texas A & M campus, the President, Michael K. Young, responded with an apology. He used the incident as a platform to showcase the efforts the institution has made to advance diversity and inclusion. Others have demanded that he do more to make the students responsible for their racist behavior. College leaders react to vile incidents by trying to make them go away as soon as possible instead of looking at the climate that encouraged the incident.

St. Rose, A., Hill, C., & American Association of University, W. (2013). Women in community colleges: access to success (Rep). Retrieved from ERIC.

Published by the American Association for University Women (AAUW), this report highlights the role community colleges play in the education of women. Although millions of women enroll in community college to earn a degree or to transfer to four-year institutions, many women fall short of their goal. This article focuses on the capability community colleges have to narrow the gender gap in higher education, while also exposing barriers to success faced by women, such as lack of childcare and underrepresentation in traditionally male-dominated fields. The article ends with recommendations for how community colleges can strengthen pathways to educational and economic success for women.