OATER Task Force. (2016, September 21). An action plan for building a statewide infrastructure to support OER in Florida’s public institutions of higher education. Retrieved from https://dlss.flvc.org/documents/210036/361552/FinalOATERReport9_21_16.pdf/15ad856d-9ef2-4e82-8b53-eecd4574881b.

The report identifies recommendations for how the state of Florida could build partnerships and a statewide infrastructure to support the use of OER. There are three parts to the report:

1) Review of national and international OER projects and organizations, with recommendations drawn from these sources.
2) Recommendations for Florida Virtual Campus on establishing a statewide OER support infrastructure.
3) Results of the statewide survey of librarians, instructional design staff, and teaching faculty, and suggestions on additional steps to move forward based upon those results.