Gov. Rick Snyder proclaims February 2018 Cooperative Education and Internship Month!

Co-op and Internship

Interested in gaining industry experience in your field of study? Start early!

Why participate in a co-op or internship?

On average, those individuals who participate in an internship prior to graduation receive great benefits including:

  • An increase in compensation packages for most majors
  • Practical and marketable workforce experience and transferable skills
  • Increased interview opportunities
  • Valuable professional connections in your industry
  • Skill development and refinement
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Potential credit toward degree program completion

“75% of employers prefer relevant work experience. “ ~National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)

What’s the difference?

Co-op vs. Internship:

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an academic program that blends classroom learning with practical work experience. Students earn academic credit while experiencing hands-on learning. Co-op students discover keys to career success as they develop job search plans in their chosen field. Certain eligibility requirements (good academic standing and completion of a minimum of two courses in one’s field of study) must be met in order to participate. Involvement in the co-op program not only helps defray college expenses, but also provides a networking base that lends support to the student’s career. At WCC, most technical, business and computer programs offer the co-op option.

Internships are opportunities for practical experience. Internship experiences provide students with an introduction to work environments and the chance to gain industry-specific skills. On-the-job training and networking prove valuable in determining career interests.

Visit the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) website for more information.

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Internships are a great opportunity to build a successful resume, be involved in networking opportunities and may even lead to a full time job. Create a personal profile, post a resume and information about yourself. The information you submit will help us match you to businesses that have the type of internship you are looking for.


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Listed below are the academic areas that offer co-op:

Accounting Julianne Davies
Automotive Services Mike Duff
Biology Susan Dentel
Business Office Systems Joyce Jenkins 
Business/Marketing/Sales Julianne Davies
Computer Information Systems Philip Geyer
Construction Technology Cristy Lindemann
Environmental Science Emily Thompson
Graphic Design Kristine Willimann
Machine Tool Technology Tom Penird
Numerical Control Tom Penird
Pharmacy Technology Kiela Samuels
Photography Terry Abrams
Robotics James Popovich
Telecommunications Lisa Veasey
Web Design & Development Jason Withrow
Welding Glenn Kay