Welcome to Career Transitions

Whether you’re transitioning from school to a career or find yourself in transition due to a layoff or other circumstance, the Career Transitions team at WCC can get you pointed in the right direction. We are committed to providing students, employers and the community with a point of contact to assist with career step transitions.

Changing technology in the workplace means we have to commit to a process of continuous learning over our lifetime to be successful. The Career Transitions Office provides access to career transitions professionals that can assist with:

  • Next steps through an evaluation of marketable skill sets
  • Options for obtaining marketable skill sets, including:
    • industry-based certification preparation and testing
    • professional development training
    • apprenticeships
    • certificates or degrees
    • internships

Contact us at careers@wccnet.edu or 734-677-5155.


What’s New

2019 Resume Trends – Don’t get left behind

Resumes can be semi-challenging to create if you don’t know where to start. Career Transitions is here to assist you with your resume creation. Our advisors are here to help you tailor your resume specifically for the job/industry you are applying to. Each industry requires specific marketable information from you. Be the BEST candidate just by finessing your resume!

A few great resources to find templates or design ideas are as follows. 

  • Canva.com (free templates – fill in the blank)
  • Pinterest (ideas for designs)
  • Word Templates (free templates – fill in the blank)

Youtube Tutorial: Graphics looking resumes
2018 CV/Resume PRO with Microsoft Word free DOC+PDF

**Note: Exclude the picture from the resume – use your initials or eliminate area instead**

Contact Career Transitions at 734-677-5155 to schedule an appointment to get help fast! 

Do You Have An Electronic Portfolio To Showcase Your Talents to Employers?

No student should leave higher education today without a collection of their accomplishments in an electronic format. WIX would allow students the ability to do this in a cost-effective manner (free site and domain). The ease of use of the tool makes it perfect for those students who are not tech savvy, allowing for creativity and professionalism. By visiting the Career Transitions department, a student can be introduced to WIX and given the tools to build a portfolio site that highlights their personal and professional endeavors.

Your Portfolio Could Contain:

  • Letters of reference
  • Resume or Vitae
  • Lists of accomplishments
  • Samples of work (e.g., items produced from internships or co-op education experiences, class projects, items produced from previous jobs)

Visit www.WIX.com to see what catches your eye!