Acting I is a great place to start! Acting II, III and IV – Step it up, Intensify your acting training.

The Acting I, Acting II, III and IV classes are designed as a progression of lessons.   Learn the ropes in Acting I, with small, introductory  assignments and scene work. After taking Acting I and Improvisation, you will know the ropes and begin to feel like a veteran in Acting II, III and IV.

“If cautious when they started the first class, they get surprisingly comfortable the second semester in Improvisation and then eventually in the second, third and fourth level of Acting classes. It is truly amazing to see how at ease students become, how comfortable, at ease and expressive they feel on stage.”    – Tracy Jaffe

DRA 152 Acting I – 3 credits

DRA 208 Acting II – 3 credits

DRA 240 Acting III – 3 credits