Life is full of great stories. Some are testaments to personal fortitude. Others dramatize the human condition. Many explore the folly in an otherwise somber experience. Each semester, several of these stories come to life in the WCC Drama/Theatre classroom. The College’s Acting I and II classes can be springboards for many career and personal pursuits.

Student Testimonial 

Hakam Salman

The Impact of Taking Acting Class and Studying Theatre
When I think of my journey at WCC, I remember a kid who came in fresh out of high school, lost and undecided, who took up a major that he did not even like, all to please others. That was the case until I took Acting I with Tracy Jaffe.  I walked out of Tracy’s Acting I with a great group of friends, I walked out of that theatre with anticipation for the next time I get to go back to the theatre, my second home, I walked out of that theatre a better me. Tracy had made it all seem so very easy, but do not be fooled – everything she does to create a safe environment is packed with lessons, but she makes it all look so easy, and she does it all with love. I proceeded to take more classes with Tracy over the next few years.  Acting II and III, and Improvisational Acting were all different. You don’t have to pursue theatre to fall in love with it; you experience the possibilities hard work creates and learn to trust your creative instinct and ideas.  The myriad skills you learn from theatre are valuable for the outside world too!  I learned to be more outgoing, I learned to be disciplined, I learned better ways to work others and create something great, and last, but not least, I learned to be happy. Take theatre classes if you want to do theatre! Take theatre classes if you don’t want to do theatre and just want something fun to do with your time! Take theatre classes to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself! Take theatre classes to discover what you could be capable of! Take theatre classes, because I promise you, you won’t regret it, no matter what direction your life takes.