The dance discipline offers 2 levels of Yoga and Dance Exercise. Explore the positive impacts these classes have on your health and wellbeing. The classes are taught in the Morris Lawrence building in our bright and beautiful Dance studio.

DAN 123: Dance Exercise I (1 credit)

DAN 223: Dance Exercise II (1 credit)

YOG 101: Yoga I (1 credit)

YOG 102: Yoga II (1 credit)

Student Testimonial: Sara Fajar

My Yoga 1 class with Gail Rucker has changed me as a student at WCC, and as a student in life. I have been practicing yoga throughout the years when I feel the need to slow down and honor my body, or stretch out a twelve plus hour work day when those come along. But there has been something very special to me about marrying a class curriculum/structure with the flexibly and gentleness of yoga practice this past semester. Although it is a wonderful credit course, it does not feel the same as the other classes I have taken throughout the years–which is what I loved about it. It encompasses so much more than just textbook material and lecture. The class provides a place and space to feel good about who you are and to see where you may need to improve on mentally and physically (along with the kind suggestions on how to do so). Most college courses don’t provide a call to action to better yourself as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. The assignments and readings that Gail brought to the course called me to think deeper about myself and life, as well as improve the love for myself and others around me. Gail’s passion for yoga is clear and contagious, and her inspiring and energizing classes keep me feeling excited to come back to WCC for my 9:00am class after the weekend!