Washtenaw Community College Performing Arts department offers a wide variety of dance classes ranging from Ballet to Hip Hop. The classes meet in a bright and beautiful studio located in the Morris Lawrence Building. Our instructors are committed to offering a creative and comfortable atmosphere for all students ranging from beginning to experienced dancers. WCC’s dance classes are a great place to start or to continue your dance experience.

Morgan BurgardStudent Testimonial: Morgan Burgard

My name is Morgan Burgard, and I have attended Washtenaw Community College for three years. A main part of my success, motivation, and education at WCC is the performing arts department. The professors are simply amazing. The experiences I have had in my dance classes have been priceless, and I always feel supported and encouraged when I am surrounded by my professors and peers. The diverse student body makes the learning experience all the better. The professors do a wonderful job catering to everyone’s ability, and helping everyone improve from where they started. The performing arts department has given me many positive experiences, as well as to many of my peers. I’m extremely thankful for the department and everyone who is involved.