According to the Forbes Music Job list as well as Berklee College of Music’s (Boston) best options for Music Career success lists, Audio Production and Engineering offer nearly 50 percent of the most viable options for building a career in the music field. Therefore, WCC has not only developed a certificate which includes Nationally recognized certification options for Avid ProTools (a $1300 value), but is also currently involved in establishing Chapter membership in AES (Audio Engineering Society) the nationally recognized Audio Professional organization as well as an Associates Degree in Audio Recording and articulation agreements with recognized bachelor’s degree programs in Audio Recording.

WCC is on the cutting edge of change and growth in Music Industry. Don’t you wish to do the same?

Student Testimonial: Kyle Coolbaugh

Being part of the Audio program, and eventually going to the AES conference (Audio Engineering Society/NYC), was a dream I didn’t know would impact me until I started classes, completed the courses and entered the competition. Once I went to the conference, listening to engineers and talking with them one-on-one about every facet of the music industry–I couldn’t believe all this came from WCC. If you’re serious about your career, this program is a phenomenal chance to get some extremely beneficial insight into the music industry and all that goes into being successful at your intended career path.

Kyle Coolbaugh at AES with Joe Bull, CEO of Audio Tech.

Kyle Coolbaugh


Audio Production and Engineering Certificate (CTMPEA)

This program is designed for students who wish to develop skills in audio production and engineering that can be applied to multiple industries from music to the digital media arts. Students will assess their personal skills and interests against emerging trends in the industry and be given instruction and the opportunity to receive nationally recognized Avid Pro Tools certification. In addition, students will enhance their engineering skills in multiple recording and live sound settings from solo or group recording to live event reinforcement. Students will also advance their understanding of keyboard theory, music composition for software and develop a professional portfolio and resume by collaborating and networking with clients and professionals in their industry.

Required Courses

MUS 170 Introduction to Audio Technology (3 credits)

MUS175 Audio Recording Technology / ProTools Certification (3 credits)

MUS 245 Composition and Arranging for Keyboard (2 credits)

MUS 248 Sound Reinforcement for Stage (3 credits)

MUS 275 Advanced Audio Recording Technology (3 credits)

MUS 286 Music Production Projects & Portfolio (3 credits)

Restricted Elective (select one):

MUS 140/142 Music Theory I/II (3 credits)

MUS 147 Arts, Media & Entertainment Law (3 credits)

MUS 154/155 Functional Piano I /II (2 credits)

MUS 285 Self-Management for Working Artists (3 credits)